A soulful mix, full of piano sounds. Each track features keyboards, and on each track they sound different. Because this is soulful drum’n’bass! The mix is crammed with dense sound, and goes beyond the strict boundaries of soulful music—but only to show the whole world of drum’n’bass in its light guise. Real magic!

soulful piano mix (neuro-vincenzo.com podcast 33)

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It’s dubstep remixes! Various tracks—pop, not pop, light, and hard.

Dubstep Remixes Podcast

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Dubstep for the soul… Well, you don’t always need to be galloping across the dance floor in a blaze of alcohol, do you? Sometimes you just want to think, daydream, look into the distance, and lift your eyes up to the sky at long last! And the best way to do it is to the sound of this amazing dubstep mix! First it grabs you with its powerful tunes, but gradually it softens and becomes more meditative. And that’s it, you’re in its power! Let’s listen online, get in the groove, and enjoy it!

Dubstep for Soul

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It’s our 30th podcast, and it’s a light Drum’n’Bass mix. 33 light tracks, one after another: you won’t be bored for an instant!

Подкаст #30 - Легкий Драм-н-Бейс


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Even deeper? Even more tender and sensitive? Yes, it’s him… Hot-Spot! new podcast! This podcast is characterized by deep, melodic, at times meditative House, Deep House, and Deep Techno.

Hot Spot - Underwater mix - Deep Techno Podcast

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So here’s our third hard techno podcast from Hot Spot! As always, it’s powerful, it’s techno, it’s bold and beastly!

Hot Spot - Firm Principles 3 Techno Podcast

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Netsky vs Logistics, who will win? Young blood defying the classic wellsprings of Hospital.This podcast is dedicated to anyone who loves moving and shaking to light drum’n’bass, liquid funk, and soulful d’n’b Both producers deserve endless honor and praise.. The music just forces you to dance: it fills you with a crazy rhythm and insane euphoria! As always, the podcast is mixed and recorded in the best quality, and it features 22 classic drum+bass tracks.

Netsky vs Logistics (podcast#27)

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Imagine that Firm Principles Podcast – is a hellish train with wicked tracks, heading for a depot where there’s an infernal disco going on. Dark shadows dance on the walls, and people in masks, like shamans, dance their ritual moves, giving in to the primordial call of the dance…

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This  dubstep podcast has loads of soul and vibe. The saws and the wobble have been left in the shade, and in the center of attention we have powerful sub bass  and a deep, sensuous sound. Dubby Dubstep  podcast includes various sub styles dubstep and of electronic music in general.

Dubby Dubstep (Podcast # 25)

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A New Rave podcast from the remotest corner of the Russian Federation—the glorious town of Nakhodka! It’s new-rave mix with a Electro and Indie Dance energy, from DJ Hisoka.

Hisoka – Nightmare (Podcast # 24 New Rave)

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