Netsky vs Logistics, who will win? Young blood defying the classic wellsprings of Hospital.This podcast is dedicated to anyone who loves moving and shaking to light drum’n’bass, liquid funk, and soulful d’n’b Both producers deserve endless honor and praise.. The music just forces you to dance: it fills you with a crazy rhythm and insane euphoria! As always, the podcast is mixed and recorded in the best quality, and it features 22 classic drum+bass tracks.

Netsky vs Logistics (podcast#27)

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This  dubstep podcast has loads of soul and vibe. The saws and the wobble have been left in the shade, and in the center of attention we have powerful sub bass  and a deep, sensuous sound. Dubby Dubstep  podcast includes various sub styles dubstep and of electronic music in general.

Dubby Dubstep (Podcast # 25)

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What’s this then? I present a very interesting podcast, including on the one hand the infinite joy of nu rave, and on the other some downbeat tunes. So what do we have? It’s still glam, trash and dance, but in a slowed-down, after-party version! The tempo rides the wave, letting the beat spread out through your whole body, pulsating with nothing but positive emotions!

P.S…As always want endless summer positive, Love , and great music!

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Spring’s bringing cheerful sunny days, and I’m bringing you some upbeat sunny moods! This is a Synthop/Electroclash podcast, drawing on various styles from 80s synthpop to noughties electroclash, and influenced by nu rave, nu wave, disco, electro, and techno.

 So, have infinite spring, positive love and great music! 


01. Miike Snow – Plastic Jungle
02. Miss Kittin & The Hacker – 1000 Dreams
03. Jeffree Star – Miss Boombox
04. Kiko – World End Rock Up
05. Little Boots – Symmetry
06. Mount Sims – Lights On
07. Zeigeist – Fight With Shattered Mirrors
08. Lowe – Move Me (Fredrik Skeppholm remix)
09. Swayzak – I Dance Alone
10. Peaches – Lose You
11. Cheese People – Open My Eyes
12. Depeсhe Mode – Enjoy The Silence 04 (Mike Shinoda remix)
13. Tocadisco – Juicy Woman
14. Tiga – Luxury
15. The Twins – Face To Face

French Electro / New Rave / Dance mix, with big tunes and remorseless glam trash. A real injection of positivity! Listen to the mix, and have a rave in your own head!

I Say 3 (New Rave mix)

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A groovy progressive breaks mix with a hint of trance and a solid bass! You only need to float on the waves of these amazing tracks and tap out the powerful progressive beats rhythms.

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Wobble! Wobble! Wobble! A dubstep podcast powerful enough to rip you up. This is dubstep wobble bass, kids! Let’s all put our rasta robes on and swing to some dubstep! Download the podcast and get infected with that dubstep wobble!

Dubstep podcast

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Why light Drum’n’Bass,you ask? Of course it could be called soulful, liquid funk и atmospheric but what really unites them all is lightness and airiness of content.The podcast will sweep you through hills where there are peaks of joy and of melancholy, so hold your breath and turn the volume up!

Light Drum'n'Bass podcast

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It’s fall, but the weather is still making us happy with warm days; and now I’m going to make you happy with an excellentbreakbeat mix in this podcast. Let’s flip the mood switch to excellent and listen to the podcast!

podcast #17 ( breaks )

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Just as in the last house podcast, here we’ve collected various types of electronica: house, electro, trance, of various kinds, progressive, dance, and also something that goes by the tag of french and even tecktonik 🙂 podcast#16 ( house )

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