What’s this then? I present a very interesting podcast, including on the one hand the infinite joy of nu rave, and on the other some downbeat tunes. So what do we have? It’s still glam, trash and dance, but in a slowed-down, after-party version! The tempo rides the wave, letting the beat spread out through your whole body, pulsating with nothing but positive emotions!

P.S…As always want endless summer positive, Love , and great music!

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French Electro / New Rave / Dance mix, with big tunes and remorseless glam trash. A real injection of positivity! Listen to the mix, and have a rave in your own head!

I Say 3 (New Rave mix)

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The Lost Room is.. In Your Head. Just open the door..

Here’s an excellent mix from DJ Hot Spot, in the latest neuro-vincenzo.com podcast!  This compilation is quite broad in the style of the sound, but there’s no doubt that all these tracks depict the whole charm of techno music, in different ways. Get ready for some Deep Tech, Electro Tech, Tech House и  Minimal Techno.


Hot Spot - The Lost Room

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Just as in the last house podcast, here we’ve collected various types of electronica: house, electro, trance, of various kinds, progressive, dance, and also something that goes by the tag of french and even tecktonik 🙂

neuro-vincenzo.com podcast#16 ( house )

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Nu Rave – isn’t Electro 😛
So in this podcast strings will be strummed, the floor will shake, and the beat will make you want to send it all to hell. This time we have an abundance of indie groups, including Russian ones, taking on the trendy, pampered Europeans, ruffling their whiskers, and in fact blatantly stealing the attention of the intoxicated audience. That’s the kind of party podcast we’ve got for you!

Ню рейв (new rave) подкаст!

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What’s that neon shouting about? Put on three pairs of glasses and let’s dive into fluoro-fashion and discopunk! This is a podcast in a general Nu Rave style. Yes, your brain’s switched off—all you have to do is move! 😆

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Do you say party? I say rave!

Electro / New rave This electro / New Rave mix is topped up with disco trash and more far-out electronica!!! Switch your brain off and enjoy!

Nu Rave mix

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Of course, house to mean anything you like: and that’s why this all-encompassing style is the label for our latest . podcast. You can be sure everyone will find something in this episode: a fragment of electro, progressive and trance.
This mix will put you in a good mood, so let’s get ready to start smiling!

Podcast #4 - House

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