This is the hippest moombahton mix! You can listen on loop forever! The more you listen, the more you like it. And what is moombahton , anyway? You can read about it underneath the track list…

TTR - Moombah (moombahton mix)

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Harder and stronger, a real Hard Electro mix from our superhero!

Super DJ Fan - Kick Out The Epic Motherfucker!

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Deeza presents a swinging mix with electro vibes and dubstep grooves. And the beats? The beats are massive! So that you want to yell out “I’d like to talk about drums!”

Deeza - Deezorder | Микс в стиле Dubstep и Electro



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A super moombahcore mix from Antsy! 100% infectious dance energy that’ll make you happy and upbeat! It’s got moombahton’s trademark redhot vocals, but it’s also got Latin vibes: everybody needs to listen to it!
Antsy - DJ's Day (MoombahCore)

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It’s not a mix, it’s a beast! It roars and gnashes its teeth! An excellent New Rave / Electro mix, very sparky, sometimes even breaking through into dubstep and breaks. Honestly, folks, in places this one blows blows my mind: you just can’t stay still with tunes like these playing.

Rave Man - Don't Stop Me | New Rave mix

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Powerful club Electro! dance, trash, and burn, in one electro punk mix!
Super DJ Fan is more merciless than ever, and everyone’s invited to the ball.

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An excellent two-part mix from producer Deeza! Part one is a scattering of crystals of amazing Electro, Bassline House, also Rave, Nu Disco, Funky and Hip-House. Part two is a high-proof  Dubstep mix.

Deeza - FLESH & BONES mix (electro / dubstep)

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A New Rave podcast from the remotest corner of the Russian Federation—the glorious town of Nakhodka! It’s new-rave mix with a Electro and Indie Dance energy, from DJ Hisoka.

Hisoka – Nightmare (Podcast # 24 New Rave)

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Dancing to this music doesn’t take ‘refined’ moves: just do what your body and soul want! And remember… Electro isn’t Electro House ;)!

Super DJ Fan – Fuck My Electro!

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Here comes a killer mix from Super DJ Fanhurrying to add to your musical treasure chest! Top tunes in the best traditions of Electro/Fidget House: you’re sure to feel good!

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