An excellent two-part mix from producer Deeza! Part one is a scattering of crystals of amazing Electro, Bassline House, also Rave, Nu Disco, Funky and Hip-House. Part two is a high-proof  Dubstep mix.

Deeza - FLESH & BONES mix (electro / dubstep)

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Now here’s a fresh dubstep mixtape from D-TwiZe , showcasing the most interesting recent music. As always, there’s a powerful BASS and tearing tunes!

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Wobble! Wobble! Wobble! A dubstep podcast powerful enough to rip you up. This is dubstep wobble bass, kids! Let’s all put our rasta robes on and swing to some dubstep! Download the podcast and get infected with that dubstep wobble!

Dubstep podcast

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For me February is always the most melancholy time of the year: even the rain and fog of the fall doesn’t compare. That’s why this podcast matches my mood: it’s a bit sad and very moving. This is music to listen to when you’re sitting by the window and it’s snowing outside, or when you’re in bed with your girlfriend, holding hands and thinking of the future. Stylistic boundaries are blurred, like clouds in the winter sky: we have Chillout, Ambient, Downtempo, Lounge, Dubstep, Breakbeat, Trip-Hop, Experimental и Acid Jazz.


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назад в будущее