So is it Dubstep or Breaks? Clash of two genres or a firm handshake? Breakbeats are a whole galaxy of electronic music genres and each has its authentic accent.

The podcast will guide you through the interweaving of rhythmic patterns, bass lines, vocal parts, guitar riffs and everything else that is in the heads of these crazy-talented producers. Enjoy your listening!

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It’s not a mix, it’s a beast! It roars and gnashes its teeth! An excellent New Rave / Electro mix, very sparky, sometimes even breaking through into dubstep and breaks. Honestly, folks, in places this one blows blows my mind: you just can’t stay still with tunes like these playing.

Rave Man - Don't Stop Me | New Rave mix

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A groovy progressive breaks mix with a hint of trance and a solid bass! You only need to float on the waves of these amazing tracks and tap out the powerful progressive beats rhythms.

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It’s fall, but the weather is still making us happy with warm days; and now I’m going to make you happy with an excellentbreakbeat mix in this podcast. Let’s flip the mood switch to excellent and listen to the podcast!

podcast #17 ( breaks )

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No, this isn’t a podcast devoted to the legendary French group Space… This time we’re heading into the depths of outer space!! And when we wander through its infinite expanse we’ll encounter progressive trance, house и breaks

Space Podcast


01. 2 City – Elbrus (North Wind Mix)
02. Mike Efex – Ordinary Perfection
03. Andy Moor – Fake Awake (The Blizzard Remix)
04. Sindre Eide Vs Aimar Feat Layla J – Desert Snow (North Star Remix)
05. Thomas Schwartz – Neptune Rising
06. Jaytech – Pyramid (Club Mix)
07. Ladytron Runaway (James Zabiela Red Eye Remix)
08. Fitalic – Airflow
09. Ray Calman – Kashmir (Simuck Breaks Mix)
10. K.I.R. – Fade Aways
11. Mbk – Love Is Real
12. Dsh-Dsh! – Kosmos
+ Earth’s atmosphere

A wonderful spring podcast in a Breaks style! Breaks! This podcast is a mix of 20 breakbeat tracks that’ll make you want to ride a pickup out of town and dance under the bright spring sun! Now let’s stick the podcast on the player and go see nature podcast waking up!

Podcasts Breaks

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In the latest podcast we’re concentrating on Breaks. You won’t find any definite stylistic boundaries for break beat here. But you will find some Russian artists, like Arktika aka B-Boy Tronik and Kind Of Zero. And there’s also a track from the first single by post-Soviet vocalist and DJ Yulia Fedotova..

Подкаст # 2 (Брейкс)

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