Why light Drum’n’Bass,you ask? Of course it could be called soulful, liquid funk и atmospheric but what really unites them all is lightness and airiness of content.The podcast will sweep you through hills where there are peaks of joy and of melancholy, so hold your breath and turn the volume up!

Light Drum'n'Bass podcast


01. N.O.H.A. – Dive In Your Life
02. Sks And Kush – Wonderland
03. Calibre feat. DRS – Slums
04. Bungle – You
05. Bop – Skeptikos (Mav remix)
06. Funky Technicians – Sad Sat and Lonely
07. Danny Byrd – Changed
08. ICR – Heartbroken
09. Nu:Tone – Kitsch N’ Sync
10. London Elektricity – Just One Second
11. Rregula & Dementia – Overcast
12. Exocet – Demon Seed (Bungle remix)
13. Spectrasoul – Shades Of Blue
14. The Streets – It’s Too Late (High Contrast remix)
15. Xploding Plastix – The Famous Biting Guy

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