Interview with ARGATU

April 20, 2015

ARGATU – an interesting representative of the beatmakers’ world in Romania, who uses samples of national folklore in his tracks.

Interview with ARGATU'

– Hi! Tell us what is happening on hip-hop scene in Romania and how large your beatmaker’s community there?

A: The beatmaking community in Romania has a vast number of people , producing in a certain style which represents their personality ( west coast , underground hip hop , trap , electronic new wave etc ) .The hip-hop scene in Romania is incredible , many talented people who put heart and emotion in their song , some telling true stories ( underground ) and there are those who are doing it for the money ( mainstream ) – that’s not hip hop .

– Say a few words about Subcarpati and your place in it.

A: Subcarpati is represented by Alexe Marius Andrei ( Bean Mc ) , Vali Umbra , Power pe Vinil (DJ) & Andri ( Andrei Gherghe – VJ ) . AFO / Aforic (Emil Teleaga) has joined the gang after that as well .In 2012 I myself produced an album with our Romanian folklore sampling through different Romanian old songs ( early 1920’s – 1930’s ) .These are our roots , so we try to make the best of it ,giving it a new sound , a more modern approach for the people nowadays , but at the same time keeping the basic sound from the root . When I released my first album entitled “Fara noroc in Romania ( No Luck in Romania ) ” for free on the internet ,this little family called Subcarpati contacted me and offered me a new “home” , and helped me in making my music sound better and making it known to the world . Culese din Cartier ( Picked up from the Hood ) began its journey in 2010 , many artists contributing with one song for the album – after that , Bean Mc started calling people to do their own individual album Culese Din Cartier , as it is mine (Culese din cartier presents ARGATU) .

– Let’s go back a bit in the past. How did you become a musician? What instruments can you play?

A: At the age of 8 , I first started to produce music in Hiphop Ejay & all sort of looping programs , after that I was tired of the same old catalogue of samples and loops , so I started creating my own sounds in Fruity Loops ( which I’m using at the present time ).My great – grandfather was playing the Caval ( pipe flute ) – it sounded amazing and he teached me at that time when I was about to turn 9.

– Your Russian fans madly carried away ethno-motives from your tracks. How did you love of folklore? Where do you get all these stunning samples?

A: We found them on the internet , stores with vinyls and stuff like that . It’s like the Americans do with their samples – The hip hop underground producers from there sample from funk songs , soul , jazz etc – we sample our own “funk ” – which is Romanian Folklore.

– How do you feel about the ethnic-culture of different nationalities? Did you make tracks in brand-new genre called EthTrap, which represents trap-grooves and ethno-motives of different countries?

A: Honestly , not.But I’m thinking about changing some stuff to it . Hehe

– You have a drum-n-bass track. How often do you make such experiments in different genres?

A: Very often.It’s like ….how I feel at that moment – if I feel adrenaline and need something to consume my energy , then probably i would produce a dnb or dubstep track – if I feel the need to relax , i would produce a jazzy , chill , ambiental groovy beat .

– What can we expect from you in the near future?

A: I’m about to launch the Culese din Cartier prezinta ARGATU – Volume 3 .On my YouTube channel you will find uploads of my every single song . Big up

– Where can we hear your live gigs? Give us links where we can keep track of your creativity?

A: I don’t think I have searched for them , but you can look them up on Youtube texting ” Argatu live ” or something like that .

– And the last question – what does your nickname mean? Maybe it’s a legendary story?

A: “ARGATU” is not my nickname – it’s my family name .I haven’t found a nickname or a stage name to fit my personality , so I was proud of my birth name ( ARGATU ANDREI CEZAR ) so i decided to make my family name known throughout the whole world .Argatu – in the romanian archaic languange means “Slave” ( haha ) . Big up .Thank you for your time . Sorry for the delay . One love .Bless !

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