An atmospheric Drum’n’Bass mix from Hot Spot! Or is it not so much atmospheric as deep, or some other beast altogether? It’s for you to decide! When I listen to this mix I picture myself in the clouds , I imagine tearing the links of space asunder, I feel atmosphere. It’s a mix with a certain depth, which each listener will discover for themselves and in their own way. mix is!

Атмосферик драм-н-бейс микс от Hot-Spot


1. DBR UK – Magnesium
2. FD – Stripped
3. Gerra and Stone – Anywhere But Here
4. Klute – We R The Ones (Ulterior Motive Remix)
5. Pessimist – Zulu
6. SoundNbeats – Ice & Iron
7. Hybris – The Blinds
8. Lung, Joe Syntax & Eleven8 – Red Rhythm
9. Descent & Halogen – Docile


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