The amazing artist East Siber is here as a guest with Neuro Vincenzo! The mix consists exclusively of East Siber tracks, which mostly feature a “dirty” dubstep sound =) 

East Siber - Drop the Bass


01. East Siber – I’m a hero (Original mix)
02. INTERNOS feat. Stephen Pickup – Never Back Down (East Siber remix)
03. East Siber – One Flow (feat. Exotic)
04. East Siber – Dancing Banana (Original mix)
05. Annie Villeneuve – Tomorrow Never (East Siber remix)
06. East Siber – Hello Satan’s (Original mix)
07. Safura – Drip Drop (Cover) (East Siber remix)
08. Dr. Dre feat. Eminem – I Need a Doctor (East Siber remix)
09. East Siber – 3 day (East Siber remix)
10. East Siber – Just do it (Original mix)
11. East Siber – My sunshine (Original mix)
12. East Siber – View of Satan (Original mix)
13. East Siber – Summer Bass (Original mix)
14. Annie Rise – Get into my car (East Siber remix)
15. East Siber – Shift up (no vocals)
16. East Siber – Just me and the people (Original Mix)
17. East Siber – Say ES (Original mix)
18. East Siber – Tranceformation (feat. Megatron & Optimus Praim)
19. GraFFit – R.I.P. Marengo (East Siber remix)
20. Erotic Lounge – Let It Go (East Siber remix)
21. East Siber – Hard salt note (Original mix)
22. East Siber – Russian Time (Original Mix)
23. Lerika – Небо и земля (East Siber remix)
24. East Siber – Master Z (Original Mix)


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