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Of course, house to mean anything you like: and that’s why this all-encompassing style is the label for our latest . podcast. You can be sure everyone will find something in this episode: a fragment of electro, progressive and trance. This mix will put you in a good mood, so let’s get ready to start smiling!

You want blood and thunder? Here it is! A proper swinging Drum’n’Bass mix with hints of Neurofunk and Technoid. The mix includes tracks straight from my sets. Let’s swing, and have fun!

Nu Rave – isn’t a style, of course: it’s a state of the soul… The soul of the music. It’s distortion, it’s sidechain. It’s indie and it’s punk. And disco, naturally. Let’s listen to our new podcast and get positive.

In the latest podcast we’re concentrating on Breaks. You won’t find any definite stylistic boundaries for break beat here. But you will find some Russian artists, like Arktika aka B-Boy Tronik and Kind Of Zero. And there’s also a track from the first single by post-Soviet vocalist and DJ Yulia Fedotova..

YES, it’s happened! Neuro Vincenzo proudly presents…is launching its own podcasts. They’ll be just music. Music that’s worth your attention. Some new, some rare; some well-known, and some not very. The first podcast features Drum’n’Bass in its various guises. This mix contains tracks you can’t ignore!

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