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I present Starfish’s second intellectual mix. You will experience a plunge into the depths of your consciousness, bringing order to the dusty shelves of your own Self. Think about what is really dear to you, about eternal values, and about the moments in your life that are the dearest to your heart.

No, this isn’t a podcast devoted to the legendary French group Space… This time we’re heading into the depths of outer space!! And when we wander through its infinite expanse we’ll encounter progressive trance, house и breaks Tracklist: 01. 2 City – Elbrus (North Wind Mix) 02. Mike Efex – Ordinary Perfection 03. Andy Moor […]

Thispodcast was made by DJ and producer Edi March. The mix includes Drum’n’Bass tracks in the Technoid и Neurofunk, sub genres, recorded by the podcast creator himself! We can read an interview with him later…

A wonderful spring podcast in a Breaks style! Breaks! This podcast is a mix of 20 breakbeat tracks that’ll make you want to ride a pickup out of town and dance under the bright spring sun! Now let’s stick the podcast on the player and go see nature podcast waking up!

What’s that neon shouting about? Put on three pairs of glasses and let’s dive into fluoro-fashion and discopunk! This is a podcast in a general Nu Rave style. Yes, your brain’s switched off—all you have to do is move! 😆

Technoid, or techno d’n’b – is one of my favourite varieties of Drum’n’Bass.And Russian producers have had some success in this style, sometimes putting European artists in the shade. There are two of them in the podcast. The mix features some quite harsh themes: you can’t avoid them in this genre. 🙂

For me February is always the most melancholy time of the year: even the rain and fog of the fall doesn’t compare. That’s why this podcast matches my mood: it’s a bit sad and very moving. This is music to listen to when you’re sitting by the window and it’s snowing outside, or when you’re […]

Our cycle of podcasts 2009 is opened by DJ Hot Spot with his Deep/Tech mix, consisting of deep, soulful, dub, and techno elements. You’ll find here passages of trance and a progressive house groove, and above all—the tech house.  

So here’s the last podcast of the old year. The theme for this podcast is minimal techno and tech house. 2008 2008 brought us masses of excellent releases from both new and established producers on the electronic scene. Let’s hope we get just as many quality tracks next year too! Wishing all musicians, DJs, and listeners […]

Synthpop pop was popular in the mid 80s and gained a new share of popularity in the late 2000s. What interests me above all is the modern variant, but the older era is hot too. There is both a new sound and also a left nostalgic imitation, although true fans only accept the new wave of […]

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