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Another “DNB Weekly”  Mix by Doubt Logic! This time get ready for hard feelings and dirty sounds. 75 minutes, 40+ tracks, badass bass, heavy drumlines and wicked synths.You’ll hear fresh tunes by Gridlok, RedCell, Ed:it, None Decay, Audio, Nymfo, Ed Rush, Break, Teebee, Cod3x, Rregula, etc. ★If you wish to remain in your seats don’t forget […]

We continue to release mixes by Doubt Logic from his “DNB Weekly” series. This time it’s #13 with tracks which fully comply with the number of this mix and its title – “Slow Disitegration”. The mix is packed with halftempo, halfstep, minimal tunes by Calibre, DK Ritual, Submatic, Need For Mirrors, N4M3, Holdtitght, Actraiser, Anile, etc. […]

Unlike previous mix from the “DNB Weekly” series by Doubt Logic, mix no. 12 is compiled from pretty sweet, pretty light and pretty liquid tunes. No wonder the mix called “September symphonies”. A little bit of sadness, a little bit of happiness, everything you can get from warm september in Russia. 72 minutes, 30+ tracks. Get ready […]

Another high-packed mix by Doubt Logic. This time it’s “DNB Weekly” #11: Follow The Regulations”. Instead of different flavours of this genre, this mix represents its hard subgenres: hardstep, neurofunk, jump-up. 77 minutes, 40+ tracks from artists such as Total Science, Critical, Impact, Phaze, Om Unit, Fade, Infiltrate, illphaze, BCee, Fourward, etc. 80 minutes, 40+ tracks, […]

We’re back with 10th mix from “DNB Weekly” Series by Doubt Logic. You are about to hear fresh tracks by such artists as Calverton, Loadstar, Heist, Current Value, Malaky, Mage, Keeno, Greg Packer, etc. 80 minutes, 40+ tracks, high packed beats, high paced rhythm. Furious tunes followed by calm tunes followed by easy tunes followed by […]

Today we’ve got another Doubt Logic weekly mix for you all. As always it’s good, it’s bad, it’s light and it’s heavy. Quick mood changes, fast-paced mixed, but one is for sure – you won’t be bored at all. The new tracks from Tyke, Marvel Cinema, Kid Lib, Ted Ganung & mSdoS, Soul:Motion, Soultec, etc. […]

We’re back with the next  drum & bass weekly  mix! 70 minutes of highly packed big, bad & heavy beats. Great tracks from Andy Pain & Z Connection, Hybrid Minds, Survival, Inflicted, dRamatic & dbAudio, Machinedrum, DJ Marky & S.P.Y., Andy Skopes, etc. All DNB genres in one mix. 44 tracks. It’s great opportunity to […]

Next mix from the  Drum & Bass Weekly  series is already here! Prepare yourself for the deep injection of the beats into your system. This time it’s mix no.7 with the big showstoppers from Wilkinson, Break, ST Files, J Logic, Duoscience, DBR UK, Command Strange, etc. 30+ tracks that will get your body move to the […]

Once again it is time for  drum & bass  ultimacy in the form of another mix from Doubt Logic. This time it’s high energy megapack with 50 (that’s right!) tracks inside. This is mix is packed with moods and crazyness, so watch yourself! ►►► What are you waiting for? ◄◄◄ Just push play and give […]

Hola, everybody! We’ve got another hot  drum & bass   mix from Doubt Logic for ya all. This time it’s packed with power traxx from Flame, Funkware, Survival, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Flame, Maztek, etc. ►►►Sudden changes of mood, genres, beats and badness. Guess how many tracks are there in this mix? 30? 40? No! […]

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