5 Ways of Making Money Online

October 5, 2017

5 Ways of Making Money Online

Greetings, dear reader! Today, we will look at a very interesting and useful topic: making money on the Internet. Making money on music is something that thousands of people around the world are doing right now. There are countless ways of making money online: to start, you should first consider your options and pick something that you find pleasure in. Are you ready? Let’s go then!



If you’ve been practicing long enough and write music of acceptable quality, you may well want to try to make a living by selling music on audiostocks. The most popular audiostock in the world is AudioJungle. It features a clear and intuitive interface, has a nice-looking design and is really easy to use. All you need to do to make some money is to upload a set of sounds, an album or even a single track to the site, then do whatever you want and like.



This service is a bit simpler than the previous one and is less demanding towards users. Pond5 is a microstock famous for its high sales of video and audio files. Corporations and private video producers often need royalty-free music. On the average, even professionals set their prices in the 30$ — 50$ range.



A service for performers. Make sure you are internally ready to share your music with the entire world. This is the most important part. Gigsalad connects performers with customers and venues that are looking for exactly what is being offered here. The site has a huge audience and lots of competitors. It’s also a good place to meet new people or even find a band to join.



Pay attention to this music service as well. It’s a place where people share their music and receive feedback about their tracks. You will like this service, especially if your professional network is small, or if you are more interested in the opinion of potential fans, not producers.

Remote Lessons
Some may argue about the quality and value of remote music lessons – real classes with a tutor are always more efficient. However, there are situations when a Skype call is the only opportunity for a child to learn to play an instrument (for example, nobody can take a child to a music school). Besides, many tutors who have already worked online confirm that there is little, if any, difference between the conventional and this new form of education. Audio quality may be an issue, but, according to specialists, a regular sound card and a microphone should suffice for most situations. If not, there are many ways to improve sound quality (if necessary, the tutor will provide recommendations).



A platform with a vast database of tutors for a variety of instruments. Unfortunately, if you are serious about it, you must speak perfect English. Also, don’t forget about YouTube lessons with paid subscriptions or sites like Fiverr.com, where you can offer your services at reasonable rates aiming for larger audiences.



Just 5 dollars will land you a complete website, a unique video review, game dubbing or a business card. Ironically, very few people in Russia know about the Fiverr service, but even fewer people know that one can make a pretty penny there. Fiverr gives you a unique opportunity to be a freelancer or grow into a serious IT business. Anyone, regardless of age, education or place of living can start working with the service.
Mastering Services
Today’s reality is that it’s no longer a problem to start selling the products of your creativity. Anyone can start making money on selling their music directly – and you don’t even have to approach a label and give it the lion’s share of your proceeds. Of course, serious labels will help you promote your music, so you shouldn’t dismiss them altogether. But if you are choosing between signing up with a virtually unknown label and selling your music directly, the second option is clearly more attractive. As an example of one of the services that let you do something like that, I strongly recommend checking out Bandcamp.



This is a free service and a community of independent musicians of any genre. You upload your music to a special page that you are free to customize. Bandcamp stores your music and lets others listen to it. Also, if you are not a musician, you can have a fan account, but only if you have purchased records from other users. Such an account can be registered by following a special link – you can’t choose this option during standard registration. bandcamp.com/fans



This service is similar to bandcamp, but has a few unique characteristics: the audience is smaller, the registration process is simpler, the site publishes an interview with a member on a monthly basis. The site publishes a rating of top labels, DJ’s and performers, has no ads and boasts a really friendly interface.
Selling of Music



No matter if you are a guitarist or a self-made composer, Synk will help you go from storing your music on a dusty hard drive to collaborating with other people in various projects or even providing the basis for a commercial product in a different part of the world. Just fill out a standard registration form and start making money! Synk is easy to use – its vast audience won’t lie about it.



Yet another possibility to make money that is similar to synk.io, but there are differences here. The platform positions itself as a “high-profile” site for professionals and supports this statement by referring to contracts with Google, Nike, Netflix, Mercedes-Benz and Jet Blue, which enables them to reject your submissions, so being listed there is almost prestigious. Revenues are shared in the 50/50 proportion, as opposed to 15% that you get from Synk. So you should really decide what will work better for you – and, of course, you can always get featured on both sites.

Bottom line: there are ways of monetizing your musical talents. Choose your path and follow it! The highest-paid DJ in the world makes 66 million dollars a year! Good luck!

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